In April Brando, Addison and I went to Hawaii for Blake and Amy's wedding. We got there before everyone else so it was like having two vacations in one trip. Traveling to Hawaii was a nightmare and ended up taking us about 16 hours! Thank goodness Addison was so good!
When we got to our hotel they had a bunch of leis hanging right as you pulled up. Addison kept asking if she could have a "flower necklace". She was pretty excited when they came up to her and put it around her neck. This is at 4:30 a.m. after 16 hours of traveling! I don't know how she was still up!
{Maui Ocean Center}
that is a fish!

{pool day at our hotel}

waiting to go on the water "alligator" aka elevator
Addison LOVED all the water slides!

{Dinner the night before the wedding}

Addison with Amy & Blake

{Blake & Amy's wedding}
Blake and Amy's wedding turned out so pretty. The weather was perfect! Their ceremony overlooked the ocean, it was such a pretty setting.

Brando's family (except Boston)

enjoying the wedding cake!

Congratulations again Blake and Amy!

The morning of our last day Brando, Addison and I had breakfast in our hotel and then walked around one last time and took a bunch of pictures before we had to pack up and leave.
Addison LOVED this wall. She thought it looked just like the one in Tangled

Addison and Brogan getting one last look at all the fish before we left

We had such a fun trip and were sad to leave. It was good to spend 10 days with Brando before our crazy summer!