It's a.......


It's official we are having a little girl! I am so excited and still so shocked because I was for sure it was a boy. It took us awhile before she would finally give us a good shot and for a minute I was worried we were going to have to go back another day to find out what we were having. It was so good to see that she had all her fingers and toes and everything else is developing right on track. I am so excited and can't wait for our little girl to get here in December!!!


Baby update...

Yesterday Brando and I went to my 14 week Dr. appointment and it went so good! Everything is right on track and we got to hear our babies heartbeat for the 2nd time! The heart rate was at 160 so according to old wives tales that would mean it's a girl. My Dr. said he is wrong about 50% of the time so I guess it will be another 10 days before I find out! I could go earlier but for some reason the closer I get to finding out what I'm having the more nervous I am! Who knows why because for the past 2 months I have been counting down the days. Maybe it will pass once the day gets here. I still feel like I am for sure having a boy but my mom is convinced it's a girl because I have been so sick. Any predictions on what I am having???


Sara Jane's baby shower

Last week all our friends got together for Sara Jane's baby shower. It was so much fun to see all the girls and catch up on what everyone is up to. I feel like we are all so busy and we never get together. Hopefully we can do a girls night or something before the next shower!

Pee pee tee pee's best thing ever! I will
for sure be buying myself some if we have a boy!


Bella's going to be a big sister...

Yes you guessed it right I'm pregnant!!! I thought that since this is how we told our families I would put the picture on my blog. As you can tell Bella hated this shirt and was so happy when we took it off. Everyone keeps asking me the same questions so I will answer all the ones we have been asked.

How far along are you?
12 weeks and 2 days

When is your due date?
December 12th

Were you trying?
No, this was actually a big surprise to us. At first I cried because I didn't know what to think but now I am really excited and can't wait for Christmas this year!

Have you been sick?
Yes! I have been SO..... sick it is horrible! Everyone said once I hit 14 weeks I will start feeling better so I really hope that is the case for me!

Do you have names picked out?
Yes, we have names picked for both a boy and a girl

When do you find out what your having?
June 27th! Kind of crazy I never thought I would be pregnant and finding out what I was having on my one year anniversary!

Do you guys want a boy or girl first?
Brando like all guys wants a boy first so all our kids can have a big brother. I will be happy either way but I do think I am having a boy first. I guess we will find out in about 4 weeks!