The Holidays...

I once again have been the biggest slacker on posting! One of my New Years Resolutions I am trying to work on is updating our blog since I use this as my journal. Looks like I'm already off to a bad start! We had a very busy December and so I had LOTS to update on.

Addison turned 1! Wow where did this year go!? We had her 12 month appointment last month and here is where she was at:

Weight: 19 pounds 17th percentile

Height: 28.7 inches 36th percentile

Head: 53rd percentile

She is still very sassy and knows just what she wants. She LOVES Bella and her favorite thing to do is look at her books while she sits on Bella's bed with her. She is into EVERYTHING and loves to make messes! She hasn't quite picked up on how to put her things away once she is done. Maybe one day! She is such a blessing to us and makes me laugh everyday! I don't know what I would do without her!

Addison's latest thing she loves sitting on anything that seems her size
she also has started chewing the paint off her crib.... something I'm hoping she grows out of sooner than later!

1st time sledding
Brando and I took Addison sledding this week and she absolutely LOVED every minute of it! After she would get done going down the hill she would sign "more" and say "MO" until we started pulling her back up the hill.

I think Bella enjoyed it as much as Addison did!

signing "more"

New Years Eve...

New Years was SO... much fun this year! We went to the Liddell's and had a full night of food and games ending in an indoor snow fight against the boys!

Sara & Chris
Zac & Jordan
Jamie & Trent
Kimra, Jake & Britlynn
Tashia & Ben
Kip & Emily

Temple Square
The night we went to see the lights it was FREEZING!!!! We made a quick loop, took a few pictures then went home to get warm!

Christmas Morning

Friend's Christmas Parties....
Megan's friends had a Christmas dinner party and we had such a great time! The dinner was so... good then we had a gingerbread house contest. It was fun to see how creative everyone was. I am so glad I have become such good friends with these girls!

High School Friends....
Megan hosted our friends Christmas party this year and it was a BLAST! We had a great dinner then caught up with everyone. It's always so much fun getting together!

Addison's 1st Birthday...

My aunt Teri gives all the little girls the most beautiful cake knifes when they are born. They use their knife to cut their 1st Birthday cake then they will use the same knife to cut their wedding cake. It has their Birthday engraved on one side, then on the other they will engrave their wedding date. I think this is such a fun and unique idea!

Ashlee made Addison this BEAUTIFUL quilt that matches the bumpers she also made for her crib. I am so lucky to have such an amazing best friend!!!

1 Year Old Pictures

Once again I have to thank my mom for taking these darling pictures!!!

Her cake turned out so cute thanks to my new favorite bakery Dippidee

"Christmas" at Trappers
Since Christmas is always so crazy my family celebrates a couple weeks before so we don't have to rush through it the day of Christmas. This year we went up to our condo and it was such a fun, relaxing trip. The cousins have so much fun together and are all best little friends.

All the girls waiting for their gift from Nana & Grandpa on "Christmas Eve"

Pictures with Santa

Ella's Fancy Nancy Birthday Party
Ella turned 5 the beginning of November and had a Fancy Nancy party. Natalie did such a great job and didn't miss a detail! It was AMAZING!

After Ella's party my mom took a few pictures of Addison in her studio. I am so glad we got these since Addison was off playing with all the toys during the party!