Addison Anne is 2!

I can't believe Addison is 2! Where does the time go?! She has such a funny personality and keeps me laughing all day. I love my little sidekick and don't know what I would do without her! At her 2 year appointment this is where she was at:

Weight: 26 pounds 41st percentile
Height: 32.9 inches 33rd percentile

The phrases she used the most when she turned 2 were:
"Oh my gosh" or "oh my goodness"
"I'm freaking out" who knows where she got this one!
"Swiper no swiping"
"I'm going to poop corner" she will actually go hide so no one can see her while she goes to the bathroom. If you walk in she will tell you to go out and even will ask you to shut the door.
Yes I know I should potty train her since she knows when she has to go but she wants nothing to do with it! I have even tried bribes but she just wants to be left alone to do her business. I'm planning on doing it shortly after we get to Texas. Hopefully it happens sooner than later!

{Addison's Birthday}
With all her parties I don't think Addison really knew when her birthday was. I'm pretty sure she thought it was everyday for a week straight. Even after she would tell us it was her birthday and then ask to open presents. Maybe this year we will stick to one party on her actual birthday!
opening her presents from us

Snow boots and pajamas, such a good look!

About 10 minutes after I took this picture Addison thought it would be fun to jump from our couch to the coffee table. Not a good idea. She smacked the corner of the table with the side of her face and bit her lip so hard that she was bleeding everywhere. Luckily after calming her down we finally got the bleeding to stop and she was right back to playing! I'm so glad we didn't have to spend the morning of her birthday at the doctors!

Her birthday wouldn't have been complete without a pedicure!
Finishing the day off with a cupcake!
This is not the best picture but it kind of shows her battle wounds from her birthday jump

{Christmas at Trappers}
My family has started a tradition where we go up to our condo a week before Christmas to celebrate. Since we went up early for Addison's birthday Megan and I decided to take the girls to see Santa. They were SO... excited to see him but of course as soon as it was our turn Addison ran the other way! At least we got a picture of Megan and Tessa with Santa!

Addison LOVED Rudolph!
{"Christmas Eve"}
My parents gave all the girls matching pajamas then let them open a few gifts.

{"Christmas Morning"}
Addison got spoiled!

she was so excited about her new Belle dress


The elves at gardner village

In December we went with some friends to see the elves at gardner village. Addison wasn't quite sure what to think of them. She liked looking but when we would try and get a picture of her standing by them it wasn't happening!

By the end of the night she finally got brave enough to go up to them by herself (I don't blame her some of them really are scary looking)!


Princess Party

The day after Addison's Minnie party we celebrated her birthday with our families. I switched it up and did a princess theme. Her favorite things when she turned 2 were Minnie Mouse and princesses. I wish I would've taken more pictures especially one of our family! Oh well there's always her 3rd birthday!

getting a little help blowing out her candles

I love how they are both so into opening her presents!

Addison's new "swing" from Blake. One time when Blake was watching Addison he put her in his laundry bag and told her it was a swing. Now whenever she is at his house she finds the laundry bag and makes him swing her over and over. For her birthday he put all her gifts in a laundry bag so she could now have us swing her whenever she wanted!


Addison's Minnie Mouse Party

Since Addison's 1st birthday party was crazy with all the people we decided to have two separate parties for her 2nd birthday. For her friends we decided to have a Minnie Mouse party. She really started getting into the whole Minnie and Mickey thing shortly after she turned 1. She loves watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse and will talk to them like they can hear her. It was so cute seeing how excited she would get as her friends starting arriving. It was a little chaotic but I think all the kids had a great time! Addison couldn't stop talking about her Minnie party after it was over so I will count that as a success!

LOVE this shirt Natalie found for Addison!

the whole group...except Graham, Britlynn & Kacen