Addison & Bella

Addison absolutely LOVES Bella!!! The first thing she asks when she wakes up is "where's Bella" then will start yelling for her. Whenever she gets tired she grabs her rabby then will go and lay on Bella like she's her pillow. She always has to give her a hug and kiss before she goes to bed. It's the cutest thing ever! We are lucky Bella is so good with Addison and couldn't ask for a better dog! One afternoon my mom and I decided to attempt and take some pictures of them. It didn't last long. These two weren't having it. Luckily my mom was able to get a few cute ones!


afternoon at the aquarium

Addison and Tessa trying to find Nemo
love Miles face in this picture!

counting all the frogs

Happy Valentines Day!

so excited about her new "high ho"
making sure all the paper is off


Valentines Party at Nana's

Last summer while we were in Texas my mom got a cute idea to start having themed parties for the cousins. The first one she did Marry Poppins and it turned out darling! I'm so sad Addison missed it. For their Valentines party they started out with lunch then got fun bags filled with treats, Valentines barbies and the cutest blankets. After that they decorated picture frames for their rooms. My mom goes to so much work for these parties and they always turn out so cute! Addison always gets so excited to go to parties at Nana's house!

showing off their masterpieces
like always Miles hanging out with all the girls!
I loved Ella's heart braid


cousins in pajamas

Since we never got a picture with all the girls in their matching pajamas my mom decided she would have a little pajama photo shoot. I'm so glad she did because she got such cute pictures!

cute little Miles just hanging out with all the girls!


The aquarium

Addison LOVES any type of animal so we decided to get a pass to the aquarium. It has been the perfect activity to do on days it's too cold to go outside!


New Years 2010

Addison and I spent our New Years weekend up at my families condo. On New Years Eve we took the girls to the treehouse museum in Ogden. They had a blast! There are so many things for kids to do. It was a fun change from discovery gateway.

making sure their little noise makers work!

Happy New Year!!!! (9:00)


Christmas at the cabin

As soon as we were done with Christmas breakfast we drove to Brando's parents cabin in Brian Head to spend the rest of Christmas with his family. It was a fun weekend full of movies, games and lots of snow! Brando took Addison skiing and she LOVED it!!! She kept telling us she wanted her own pink skis. We are in for it once she learns because she has no fear which could be a scary thing!
Christmas pajamas

Addison's first time skiing

waiting for the lift
Addison loved the chairlift. She thought it was a big swing!
going down her first real run

helping dad and Blake build a snow cave
the finished product!