snowmobiling with Dad

This last winter we took Addison snowmobiling a few times and she LOVED it!!! She would yell the whole time to go faster while I would be telling Brando to go slower! We never took pictures when we were all together. Luckily I took a few one day when just Brando and Addison went.

She was still getting used to her helmet. The store was all out of pink helmets and Brando didn't think Addison would care but the first thing she said when she saw it was "I want a pink one"!

everything princess

Addison LOVES dressing up like a princess. It has become a daily activity. I have turned into the mom who lets her run errands in her princess dress-ups just to avoid a meltdown. Every time we are at my parents Addison goes down to my moms photography studio and picks out a princess dress to wear for the day. She loves my mom's dresses because she has SO many to choose from! My mom took these pictures at the end of February (better late than never)!


a date to jungle gym's

Sara and I took Addison and Graham on a little date to Jungle Gym's. Addison had never been and LOVED it! She had so much fun going on all the rides by herself and thought she was so big!
1st ride... the swings!

they LOVED the airplanes!

Graham decided to sneak in a kiss before the ride started!
they were making the funniest faces
Who knows what either of them are doing!