Carving pumpkins at the cabin

On our way home from Disneyland we stopped at Brianhead to see Brando's parents new cabin. One of the days we had a pumpkin carving contest. I personally think Addison's pumpkin should have won since everyone else used the little papers to cheat with!

Addison's 1st pumpkin.... with a little help from me!
showing off their pumpkins


The Happiest Place on Earth

In October we went on a family trip to Disneyland. It was so nice to finally be able to spend more than just a Sunday with Brando after working in Texas all summer. Addison LOVED every minute of Disneyland! I have always loved Disneyland but once you have kids it makes it so much better being able to watch how excited they get about everything they see.

waiting to go on the "round" as she would call it

Pluto was the first character she met. She wasn't too sure about him but the minute we walked away she couldn't stop talking about "tu ti o"

Meeting Mickey. She looks so nervous but she was SO excited to see him!
That night we went to Mickey's Trick or Treat party and I am so glad we ended up getting tickets for this. All the kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes and they had stations all over the park where you would trick-or-treat. After going to about 6 stations Addison's halloween bucket was full!

We stood in line for about 30 minutes to meet all the princesses but it was worth every second seeing Addison's face as she met them

On the "round" again

We waited in line for over an hour to see Mickey and Minnie. There were a handful of times Brando wanted to leave because it was taking SO long. They had to keep giving Mickey and Minnie breaks where they would leave for about 5 minutes then come back. Of course right before Addison's turn they left and she was so upset. I had to keep telling her they were coming back. She was SO excited once they finally got there. When we first walked up to them she was SO nervous and shy but after a couple of minutes she warmed up and even gave Minnie a kiss goodbye!

all her candy

On our second day there we went to Ariel's Grotto and had lunch with the princesses. Addison was in heaven! She loved how all the princesses kept stopping at our table to talk to her. She would get so shy when they came up to her but the minute they went to the next table she wanted to get down and go run back over to them. Maybe this year when we go back she won't be as shy!

That night there was a big parade with all the Disney characters. Addison absolutely LOVED it!

This was probably her 15th time going on the carousel!

This was one of the best family trips we have been on so far and I can't wait to go back again after summer is over!