Summer in Texas...

Since I completely gave up on blogging once I got to Texas I figured better late than never! Last summer we moved to Texas for a few months with Brando's work. It was a very HOT & humid summer! Addison and I had so much fun with all the other wives and kids and are so lucky to have met so many new friends!

The week Addison and I got to Texas a few of the girls decided to go to San Antonio for the weekend. Our first night we went and saw a few of the sites then on boat ride down River Walk.

Saturday morning we woke up and went to breakfast at a good little place called The Guenther House. We had to wait forever but it was definitely worth it! After breakfast (more like lunch) we decided it would be fun to go to Sea World for the rest of the day since we were so close.

{Sea World}

Addison LOVED Sea World! It was SO...... hot that day, thank goodness they have a water park there! One of the things she loved the most was petting the dolphins.

waiting in line for the water park

We ended our day going to Azul. It was a great show! There were beluga whales, dolphins, birds and acrobats. Addison was very entertained and sat through the whole thing!

{Daily trips to the pool}

{Looking for froga's}

Every night before Addison went to bed we would go outside and look for "froga's". There were always tons and she would get so excited anytime she spotted one!

{Fountains in Corpus Christi}

Addison and her little buddy Oliver

Addison was so sick of the sun in her eyes. This is what she came up with to keep it out!

{Six Flags}

{Gladys Porter Zoo}


Note to self. NEVER put kids in white when they are going to the beach!

Addison & Oliver showing us how dirty they got at the beach

{Playground at the Zoo}

{South Padre Island Beach}

There are SO.... many people at the beaches there!

{Children's Museum}


This was the BEST waterpark!!! There was a lazy river that went around the entire park then you could veer off and go on rides. You never had to get out of the water! It was perfect for Addison because she was able to go on so many of the rides and LOVED the lazy river especially the little rapids section!

1st slushie of the day....

this was her 3rd!!!

All worn out after a long day!

{Gladys Porter Zoo}

{Another day at the Beach}

{Gladys Porters Zoo}

{Pirates Landing}

Watching the dolphins

We had such a great summer but by the end we were VERY excited to get home to see all our family and friends and get out of the humidity!