Tonight when Brando was feeding Addison she fell asleep! I'm glad he was able to get pictures! I think these are so funny because you can tell how hard she was trying to stay awake. She was determined to finish her food, but as soon as she did she was out!


5 months...

I can't believe Addison is 5 months! She has quite the personality and keeps me very busy! She is the the happiest little girl. Some of Addison's things she likes and can do at 5 months are...
*rolls over
*has started sitting on her own
*loves drinking water through the end of a straw
*loves drinking out of her sippy cup
*loves: peaches, prunes, sweet potatoes, pears & squash. HATES bananas & applesauce!
*LOVES dogs especially Bella
*has started sleeping through the night and officially has a bedtime!
*loves watching and playing with little kids
*loves playing in her saucer
*sucks on my cheek every morning when I get her out of bed
*laughs when she sees or thinks something is funny
*loves to scream (happy not mad) especially in church!
*loves going on walks
*LOVES taking her nightly baths
*loves to chew and suck anything she can get her hands on!
*HATES taking naps!!!
She is such a busy little girl! I love always having my little sidekick with me and don't know what I would do without her! I am so lucky to be her mom! Here are just a few pictures from the past month.

4 1/2 month pictures my mom took (more to come)

right after eating prunes. She is such a MESSY eater!!!

chewing on her towel right after her bath

cute little chubby feet

Addison & Bella

Addison & Ella

Tessa & Addison watching a baby einstein