Life has been so crazy this past month but I finally am making time to update on our life. I started a nanny job a month ago and LOVE it! The family is so wonderful to work for and the kids are so....... cute! I will post pictures soon. Brando is still working as both a real estate agent with the Watts Group and also owns his own landscape/construction business and has been really busy! I also started helping my mom with photography. She did her last wedding in October and then has been taking a break since. She is starting up and is really getting back into children's photography on top of her weddings. We did our first "sitting" with my friend Ashlee's little girl Sienna and the pictures turned out amazing! My mom is in the process of finishing her website so as soon as it's done I will post it on my blog so you can check it out! Here are just a few of the pictures from Sienna.....


100 things about me.....

I have seen this on a few people's blogs so I figured since I have not updated forever I would attempt to write 100 things about me so here it goes.....

1. I LOVE sweets
2. I was on churchills dance company my 8th & 9th grade year
3. I never had braces
4. I am the only girl with three other brothers
5. I always pack at midnight or later the night before any trip
6. I am a nanny
7. I worked at Cafe Rio my Jr. year for about a month
8. My dog only has 3 legs
9. I went to school for interior design
10. I love taking blankets to movies
11. I love scary movies
12. I check people.com everyday to catch up on all my celebrity gossip
13. I love sleeping in fresh clean sheets
14. I have been to Europe 3 times and hope I can go back again soon!
15. Every time Brando and I go to a movie we always get a drink, popcorn & red vines
16. I love starbucks caramel apple cider
17. I love cooking
18. I am a clean freak (even though my house is not very clean right now)
19. I want 4 kids
20. Brando and I already have a couple of our kids names picked out (no I am not pregnant)
21. I have the greatest group of friends
22. I can't wait to be a mom one day
23. I print pictures off from the internet of things I want
24. I always ask 20 questions about everything (I love to know details)
25. Brando and I dated off and on since we were juniors in high school
26. I LOVE getting pedicures & going to the spa
27. I wish I could sing
28. I love taking baths
29. I love traveling
30. I hate fish
31. I have never lived anywhere but Utah (but am ok with that)
32. I love watching Law & Order
33. I love reality TV shows
34. I want to be a photographer like my mom one day
35. I type a "TO DO" list every week
36. I love Lake Powell
37. I love shopping
38. I wish I could ski
39. I wish I wouldn't of quit dance after 9th grade
40. I love fruit
41. I love Disneyland
42. I love summer
43. I love laying in bed at night and just talking to Brando about each others days
44. Once my friends and I toilet papered a kids house so bad that he canceled this huge party he had planned for the next day
45. I took German in Jr. High for 2 years (but don't remember any of it!)
46. I never wore flats in high school (besides tennis shoes) because I hated how short I was
47. I love to read
48. My friends and I loved to spy on people in high school (usually the boys we liked and yes I will admit I did spy on Brando in high school!) the best part is we would never get caught!
49. I go to Nordstrom about once a week (most of the time just to look at all the new cute things)
50. I love breakfast and could eat it anytime of the day
51. In Jr. High I used to paint my nails to match my outfits. I would even paint them on the way to school in the car my dad really hated it!
52. I love Chinese food
53. I love Christmas music
54. I love going out to eat
55. I never wear sunglasses (I have really cute ones but I hate wearing them)
56. I love laying out & reading magazines
57. I wish I was better at going to the gym (I only used my golds pass 3 times last year... what a waste of money!)
58. I love buying shoes, I have some in my closet I have never worn but just had to have at the time
59. I have the best 3 brothers anyone could ever ask for
60. I love going on walks with Brando & Bella
61. On our honeymoon Brando and I got to hold baby lions they were the cutest things ever!
62. I love hanging out with my family
63. I love going to our condo it's the most relaxing trip
64. I want to have all my kids in the spring
65. Whenever I laugh really hard no sound comes out I just kind of shake, bounce however you would like to word it
66. I really did marry the perfect guy & my best friend
67. I love going to haunted houses
68. I used to plan my outfits in high school and would even write them down so I didn't wear the same outfit twice in one month
69. I always have my toes painted any shade of red or pink because I can't stand when my toes aren't painted
70. When I was little I wanted to be "a nurse who took care of the babies"
71. When I was younger my mom and I used to go to cottonwood hospital a few times a month and we would look at the babies in the nursery. Then we would go to the cafeteria and get a drink for her and string cheese for me
72. When I was little my favorite color was black! Kind of weird I know
73. When I was in 6th grade there was a "Gap" fashion show being held at our school that I just had to be in. I told some kid who's name got picked I would pay him $10 if he would let me be in it instead of him. He did and I never paid him his money! OOPS!
74. I never had a boyfriend in high school
75. I love watching Brando with Bella. He is so cute with her and so I can only imagine how cute he will be as a dad!
76. I hate when our bed is not made because it makes our room feel so messy
77. I've never broken a bone
78. I love Cafe Rio salads
79. My favorite movies are Pretty Woman, How to lose a guy in 10 days & Dirty Dancing
80. I love wearing sweats
81. I have never been to New York but really want to go
82. My real name is Anne but have always been called Annie
83. I have never jumped off the high dive
84. When I was younger my cousin and I loved to play tricks on people (looking back some were pretty mean)
85. I have the two cutest nieces in the world and another niece maybe nephew on the way!
86. I love hanging out with my sister in laws we always have so much fun together and I am glad I am so close to them
87. I am a daddy's girl
88. My mom is my best friend & I love spending time with her
89. My little brother Parker is on a mission and has almost been gone a year in May!
90. I love lip gloss (I probably put it on like 50 times a day!)
91. I am going to Florida for my birthday this year and can't wait!
92. Every night we eat dinner at home we always watch flip this house
93. I will get into workout clothes and ready to go but for some reason won't end up at the gym.... maybe one day!
94. I love giving myself manicures
95. I love summer nights
96. I love walking on the beach
97. I love hanging out with Brando on our days off
98. I want to learn how to golf this summer
99. I love to sleep in
100. I can't believe I sat here for the past hour and did this! I finally have a new post!