4th of July weekend...

This last weekend my whole family went up to our condo in Eden to celebrate the 4th of July. That morning we went to Liberty Park where they put on a big breakfast then watched the parade. When the parade is over they have lots of events that both kids and adults can enter. This is all of us watching mutton busting. For those of you (like me) who have never heard of this it's where they put a little kid on a sheeps back and see how long they can hold on before falling off. It really was so funny to watch all the kids compete!
Brando and Ella watching mutton busting
Ella & Sophia enjoying their red velvet cupcakes
Ella watching the fireworks
Sophia loved the fireworks as well me, Megan, Ella & Natalie. Ella's face in this picture makes me laugh because she was in such a good mood, I just don't think she was in the mood to smile!