1st Christmas Tree

Since I have been a complete slacker with posting I figured I would post a picture of our first Christmas tree. It's not decorated as much as I would like but I figure there is always next year to add more!

Vegas, shopping & Celine Dion...

A couple weeks ago I went on a girls trip to Vegas with Megan, Danielle, Brooke, Priscila & Lindsay. We had a ton of fun shopping, eating, shopping some more and then went to the Celine Dion concert and it was amazing! I had such a fun time and am so happy I was able to go. Thanks again girls for inviting me!

Getting ready to go into the Celine Dion Concert

All the girls eating at P.F Changs

Cheescake Factory right before Celine Dion

All the girls after a long day of shopping



So I finally got around to reading Twilight and I loved it! I really wondered how a book about vampires could be that addicting but it is. I could not put it down. I had to keep reading to see what would happen next. Anyways for those of you who are fans of the whole "Twilight" series there is a movie coming out next year and they have started picking cast members. So if you are ever bored and wonder who will be in the movie go to www.stepheniemeyer.com. On her site under "Twilight the movie" she has pictures of what she imagines the characters would look like. It's interesting to see what she pictures because on some I imagined someone completely different. If you get a chance look at it and let me know if you agree on them. They also picked the girl who will star as Bella. It's Kristen Stewart. I didn't really know her but she was in Panic Room if you ever saw it. As you can tell I have had a little extra time on my hands to find out all this stuff! I started New Moon last night so I will post what I thought of it as soon as I'm done.


Halloween Party

I figured it was time for me to update my blog since I'm the only one who has not posted pictures from our halloween party! We had a ton of fun and I have to say people got very creative this year on their costumes! Next year is going to be hard to beat! Here are just a few of the many pictures we took that night.


Pumpkin carving with friends

Last night we went over to Chris and Sara's and were trying to think of a fun Halloween activity to do. After sitting around for awhile Chris made the decision we were going to carve pumpkins. They turned out so cute and Chris was a real good sport considering the fact his pumpkin was rotten! It was such a fun night and I just don't think Halloween would be Halloween without carving pumpkins!



Last weekend Brando and I went to snowbird with our friends to Zac & Jordan's condo. We had so much fun. Jordan made a wonderful dinner then we just hung out and played Catch Phrase with all of our cheating husbands! I have to say I think Chris might of been the biggest cheater of them all! Thanks Jordan for the pictures!


A day at the spa

The Saturday before my wedding my mom and I went to get a pedicure. She didn't tell me that my bridesmaids were going to be there too. It was such a fun surprise! We had a great afternoon relaxing, laughing and eating b.b.q. turkey sandwiches & toll house pie from the Dodo!


Elder Parker Whitney

My little brother Parker is currently serving a mission in Tulsa Oklahoma. He left May 16th so he wasn't there for my wedding. A few weeks before he left we had him come take pictures with me so he was part of the wedding too!



I know we had this picture at our reception but I just couldn't leave Bella out of our Blog! For those of you who had no idea we had a dog here she is! Bella is one of Ellie's (my mom's dog) puppies. Bella was born with a little birth defect in her leg and the breeder wanted us to put her to sleep because she said that Bella would have problems her whole life. I didn't care what she said I was not going to let them do that so I decided I would keep her. We had a few different specialist look at Bella's leg to see what our different options were and all of them said she would be better off without it. I was so upset and did not want to but decided I needed to think of Bella and not myself. She had the surgery when she was just a few months old and it was a success! She gets around great and is the sweetest dog you have ever met! Brando and I can't imagine our life without her!

Brando & I were married June 27, 2007 in the Salt Lake Temple. Here are the first of many pictures to come from our wedding!